Monday, October 26, 2009

US Election

US Election

Wednesday, 5. November 2008, 00:27:34
I just found this blog link: Who would the world vote for?
It's polling the world and who'd they'd vote for. If the rest of the world is getting as much coverage of the election as we are down here, it's no real surprise that so many people have an opinion. Aussies have voted 54,102 times, which is pretty impressive. There are also some pretty obscure countries that have voted (obscure because i'd assumed that not many people would be au fait with the net, due to economic bad).

LOL, i just realised how absurd it would be to assume that all those countries could have an opinion about our elections...our little blip on the worlds radar of polotics.

I wonder if american polotics will be as important to the world when they go bankrupt? I wonder if they'll split into seprate states when it all goes to shit? I'm sure the citizens of the great USSR, didn't expect to fall apart, nor those of the great Roman empire or any other great empire. I wonder how much longer it'll take the chinese to go through a regeneration, and who the next world power will be? I'd say it'd be nifty if we all united under the one global government, but it'd follow the dodo into the history books eventually too.

Aren't frogs nifty? I like big green tree frogs and pretty stripey brown grass frogs. I like the way they croak, thier little grippy suction toes, and thier heads that just slope into thier bodies...and they hop! Lovely little critters. I want heaps and heaps of them to come and live in my bath so I could soak and watch them swimming around me. Oh and I forgot thier wicked insect catching skills. Hmm, I'd like to have a frog that also ate mice and small rats...that would be the ultimate pest control pet. Genetic engineers out there can you design one for me??? I'd like it in either of the above colours, and not much bigger than a hand...but I definitely dont want an ugly toady shaped one. Oh and it can't go about putting other native creatures out of buisness, or stepping on thier toes. lol and must get on well with cats and dogs Maybe it could have some sort of home defense characteristic...oooooh! It can launch itself at burglars and stick onto thier faces and suffocate them until they retreat from the property. Or maybe a web like function that ties the burglars up until the police come and cart them off to gaol. And in court all defence is thrown out on the basis that "The Frog is always right!"...mmm that sounds very good to me!

Well that's it for me tonight GO the Froggies!

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