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Tuesday, 3. June 2008, 22:23:36
Well this week it caught up with, hypomanic spending spree!
Actually I'm really disapointed with myself...I can't actually track where half of my pay went. It's a dreadful feeling wondering how you're going to eat for the next two weeks...thankfully I'm a hoarder and generally have a well stocked larder and freezer.

Larder, lol...I have to admit that is a new one to come tumbling out of my fingers, usually I'd just say pantry. When I come to think about it, larder seems to be a more appropriate word, since it would obviously have been where the lard was stored...whereas what does a pantry suggest, perhaps where you'd keep your pants? LOL, it's actually from the latin Panis, meaning perhaps not so silly after all.

*Sigh* and of course after the high is always the low...that's hit me pretty hard the last two days. I just want to curl up in bed and die. I want someone to come and whisk me away out of here, and plonk me in some exciting situation in a far off land.

I am trying to find something good each day, but frankly I can't be bothered. Just getting up and dressed is a challenge, let alone out in the world to find something nice. I'm tired of the nice things avaliable on my doorstep...or else I'm just not finding them very nice at the minute. What I wouldn't give for a nice open fire and the concentration to read a book. *sigh*

*mutter mutter* I just seem to be groaning on and on about how up and down I am...and feeling like I'm not contributing much to the world ATM. lol, again another rearing of the black dogs head in that thought

So I'll just end on that sad note.
p.s. it's hard not just to delete the lot...but for the sake of providing a warts and all look at myself I'll post this.

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