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Up and down and round again :)

Up and down and round again :)

Tuesday, 26. February 2008, 03:36:39

Things are rolling along as per usual here. One day I'm fine the next i'm in pain, one day i'm up and the next i'm down...blah blah. LOL

I've been inspired by a new friend Fredrick and his family. I'm fairly sure they are Theodic, which is along similar belief lines as Celtic traditions, although more Germanic. They are not democratic, but people are held in esteem due to thier Honour, Wisdom and Generosity...which makes perfect sense to me. I'm not sure how thier God's and Goddess's work, but feel that they are probably more along the wiccan ways that I believe than your average god botherer.

I have all sorts of questions I want to ask about thier house and out buildings. I believe they have a Haft (which I think is some kind of animal barn, come celebration hall)...and a harrow (or barrow, although it's more of an altar than a burial mound). I have such a hard time hearing, that if words are being bandied about that are not in my familiar vocabularly, I have to guess as what's being said. And germanic terms are foreign to my tougne...apart from those that english has obviously borrowed.

There is not the same amount of information on the net about theodism as paganism, or wiccanism...and since i'm on so many pain killers it's a little hard to sift through what info there is.

LOL, and then I get distracted by the thought of self tanning animal skins. I think I'd like to make my own clothing and shoes, for when i'm home in my element (when I have a place of my own)...ATM the closest I can get is to wander around the house naked when I think there will be no neighbours around to look in windows. I want a combination of that, plus organic hand created clothing that I can just slip on and be warm/cool to garden, or care for the animals in...or create in my own space; be that cooking, painting or weaving.

I'd like to think I'd be self sufficient, but know that isn't possible in this day and age...and I know it's a lot of work, which I may fall in a heap and not be able to do.

*sigh* not to mention that I'd not be in the frame of mind to 'work' and travel and do all the 'normal' things that the rest of the world would expect from me. lol, nor do I want to give all of those other things up, but I want to see if I can find a balance between the two ways of life.

My mental state is urging me towards the hippy lifestyle, as it's a little slower and perhaps less stressful. *grin* until I forget to water a crop and end up with no food, LOL!

So that is where i'm at, here at the end of February in 2008. Still waiting for life to start. I have no place of my own, and am scared to put down a root here, incase it is snatched out from under me.

Perhaps that is why my lower back has gone to pot? Louise Hay say's it's due to worry about lack of money not being there to support me... and that I ought to say affermations that will reassure myself that there is an abundance...and that I'll always be looked after.

In case I haven't mentioned it, I have a prolapsed disk between L5 and S1, it's projecting out 1.5>2cm...causing moderate to severe pain (including sciatica). I take my suped up codiene, valium, voltaren et al...and manage to get through each day. If i'm good i'm pain free for a day or so, but I always so something stupid (like haul a couple of slabs in and out of a car, or carry 10kg of bran around the house, and even occassionally vaccuum because i'm having a productive day.)...and end up back in agony. lol, no pun intended

Well it's rolled around to 4.40am and I'm still awake (although I napped for a good few hours earlier today), I think it's actually time for bed. I'll hoof, Ronnie out from under the desk and make him go to the loo outside, so that I can sleep that little bit longer tomorrow morning. Chicken will be a bit put out with me shifting stuff off the bed and hopping myself in, but i'm sure he'll get over it soon enough

Cheerio for today

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