Monday, October 26, 2009

Focused ramblings

Focused ramblings...

Saturday, 1. September 2007, 02:26:40

I've decided to have a month of focused Ramblings...with a new topic each day.
Tonights topic is MODERATION.

What do I mean by Moderation?
I suppose that I'm looking at not doing things to extremes in my own life.
Only moderately over spending...
Moderately getting over involved in friends lives.
Moderately getting upset over people behaviour.
Moderately getting involved in changing the world.
Moderately exercising, eating, and over indulging.

Reaching some sort of balance in my life by not swinging here, there and everywhere in my life.

Doing things moderately allows me to slip up and not live a 'pure' life. It also allows me to change to a positive way of life in small steps.

What is moderate today, will slowly build (or decrease) as the days go by.

I don't really have a band wagon to jump on tonight as I'm just starting to trial this idea.

Hey have you ever noticed that trial and trail are so similar? It was a typo to begin with...but every trial is setting out on a new trail isn't it?

'Kn' words are also popping into my head tonight...even when they aren't meant to be 'kn' words. ie: knotice, knew...although knew is a word, it doesn't mean new. Knowledge is one word that is a 'kn' word that popped to mind in the correct from. I really like the word Knowledge. It opens up worlds, and new experiences. My school motto was 'Wisdom and Knowledge'. I always felt a little proud belonging to a group of people who aspired to those values. I know it's daggy, even admiting that now...but i liked my school. I was sorry when I had to leave it after 12 years. I missed the type of people it produced. Two of my best friends are from there...and only one I actually went to school with (the other is about 7 years my junior, who i met whilst at Uni). Anyway, it was a good school.

Back to moderation...I've got a big bit of paper stuck to my mirror proclaiming it. I hope it will remind me throughout the day to not over do anything. I'm sick of stress, and over indulgence. I want to get my life back on track!

And now i'm tired, as i've stayed up too late again (moderation not in play obviously ). So I'll say good night on that note


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