Monday, October 26, 2009

Captain Jack again...

Captain Jack again...

Sunday, 7. October 2007, 23:49:02

I just thought i'd update you on my Captain Jack crush...i'm such a teenager, lol.

Z asked me today if she could get a life size cut out of him, would that be my dream b'day pres? lol, of course I said, absolutely, but i'd also settle for a laminated life size print out of his i can kiss and drool all over it (she of course thinks i'm a sicko, lol).
Of course then i'd have to make a life size rag doll to cuddle all night. LOL.

OK, so enough of Captain Jack (i've also prattled on about him at Haven, and think i might entice others to watch torchwood i'm thinking I've probably bored about as many people as I have excited with my knowledge of him. Oh and I got Zak to watch the first episode last night too

OH, more news...Middle Kitten had her kittens last night. I was going out the door to meet Zak and she was giving birth on the doormat. I had to leap back over and get Kel, so she could rescue the poor mite from the cold concrete...after settling into a basket, she proceeded to give birth to another 4 kits. All black except the last who is a ginger tabby (and probably a boy). It was pretty exciting...and i've offered to take one when it's ready to leave home. Chicken should love to have some permenent company.

I've had about enough tonight, but will check up on Haven before taking myself off to bed.

Tomorrow i'm going to launch into the housework. Ugh...i've put it off for wayyyy to long.

Cheerio *waves*

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