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Thursday, 7. August 2008, 04:06:30
Mines...can you think of anything worse?
Perhaps genocide, or nuclear warfare, or perhaps germ, or even gas warfare. Certainly they are all capable of killing masses of people. Mines, nuclear weapons, germs, and gases use in war, continue killing long after the conflict is over.

It makes me sick just thinking of all the lifes that are lost. When are we going to learn? Why is it that we can't get people to agree on a polite way to settle differences? Is it the way that we've been raised? Why is it that we have to argue until someone says they hate the other so much they could kill them?

Why are we unable to respect each other enough to draw the line at depriving each other of civil liberties?

Why is it acceptable to hit, hack, and blow each other to pieces?

I realise that there will always be some people who will be unbale to comprehend what seems so simple to me...and I don't have an answer as to what we do with them. It is up to those of us who are capable of voting, protesting and otherwise showing that we disagree with them and do NOT want those people governing us. I think that we ought to be able to move more freely around the globe, so that if we disagree with the majority of people around us, we are free to move away. I suppose that political asylum is meant to achieve that...but we can see how in effective our policies are when we build large detention camps to hold refugees, whilst they are 'processed'.

If we could get along well enough then the governing party should compensate the people leaving their jurisdiction...then the accepting country wouldn't have to worry about providing the refugees with housing and other necesities to start over again. LOL although if we got along that well in the first place there wouldn't be a need to move away in the first place.

You know what? I never really thought much about Princess Diana...she seemed a little pathetic and wet to me. However I did respect her for her work towards outlawing landmines, and the money she raised to help clear minefields. It was the one thing she was able to use the paparazzi for...and more power to her for that. I hope that her sons do as much to help the world...although considering they both chose to serve in the armed forces I wonder a little about how committed they are to peace. Surely they could re-employ the peace keeping services, and the explosive experts that are in the army so that they actually go around the world dismantling war machines???

Turn armies into police that are out there capturing criminals and supervising the criminals in thier rehabilitation? Focusing as much on treating the cause, and engendering respect, as the actual enforcing the rules we already have?

Well I don't think i'll solve the worlds problems tonight...just cogitate upon them a little more with me?


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