Monday, October 26, 2009

Perhaps not so single?

Perhaps not so single?

Saturday, 1. August 2009, 20:05:27
*sigh* What can I say? I'm considering taking Wil back if he apologises to everyone.
He admitted he's an idiot to me, but he's not quite ready to appologise to everyone else he's hurt.

I'm trying to guess all the alternative reasons he want's to get back together with me (apart from me being fantastic).

1. His ex-wife want's us back together so she can leave Noni with Wil for the weekend, so she can go out.
2. The ex doesn't want him back.
3. His family is still talking to me.
4. He's realised that he's lonely now that he's not going to school or work.
5. He wants someone to have sex with.

I could go on and on with reasons like those.
I told him that I'm going to take things slowly, that I want to be sure that he isn't going to treat me, my family or friends with the same disregard as he did everyone last month. I've also asked him to man up and apologise and admit that he could have been more upfront about the issues he was feeling, and therefore worked out a resolution rather than rudely cutting everyone off and then accusing them of stuff they didn't do.

Anyway, I turned down sex with Wil, until I feel more secure about where we stand. That was last night, and today I invited him over for tea tomorrow. His reply was "I think chris & noni r coming over 4 tea. Thanks 4 the offer but i will have 2 decline."...I know Chris said earlier in the week that she *might* come over with Noni on the weekend. So Is Wil ditching me for something that might not even happen? Is he doing that because I turned down sex? So my mind is working overtime. It certainly seems a lot cooler towards me, than he was the other night. I'd feel differently if he's said tomorrow was out, but that he'd like me to visit tonight. At least showing some interest...but then maybe he's giving me space to figure out whether to trust him again or not? lol, so as I said before my mind is working overtime.

I feel bit like I'm dating a 19yr old. As if he hasn't matured enough to have an adult relationship where you can work things out, rather than chuck a hissy fit and storm out whilst blaming everyone but yourself for the problems in the first place. *sigh*

So that's the latest update.
Cheers Kate

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