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Rapid Cycling and Opera v9.5

Rapid Cycling and Opera v9.5

Tuesday, 17. June 2008, 23:34:34

Well I'm sure I've dicussed rapid cycling before so I'll try not to harp on about it. Basically one day I'm happy as a lark and not sleeping, the next i'm barely able to drag myself out of bed and feed myself...Today's theme song is "I just wanna die" sung to the tune of "I just wanna fly" by Sugar Ray. Cheerfully singing about my own demise. lol, that's why rapid cycling is the most dangerous cycle a bipolar person can be the cycle we're most likely to top ourselves in as we actually have the energy to act upon our thoughts of death.

So enough about that I'll chat on about this latest edition of Opera (the browser incase you've happened upon this page without knowing what opera is). Well, I downloaded and installed v9.5 and thought "Fantastic!". I loved the new skin and it's ability to alter the colour theme so easily. Everything transported easily enough...although I did have to fiddle around a bit to get my bookmarks just as I like them (why do upgrades insist upon not listing them exactly the same as you saved them?). I looked at the windows skin and decided that it wasn't very nice in comparison to the new opera one and switched right back...but ever since then I've had problems with it freezing. All windows go blank except for the very top bar of the window...which is most irritating! Especially when it happens numerous times in an evening online. At least just closing the browser via ctrl+alt+del lets me reopen it without rebooting. Also, if you've got something downloading why doesn't it automatically start up again upon reopening the browser? It's such a hassel having to go into my transfers and restart them each time I freeze up! So I'll put up with the freezing as I'm sure the Opera crew are working away furiously on cleaning up hopefully someone has already reported my problem ('cause I'm a bit lazy when it comes to doing that sort of thing for myself).

Well that's it for me's all I can manage, which is pretty pathetic.

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