Monday, October 26, 2009

New Year

New Year

Sunday, 11. January 2009, 16:49:25
Hello all,
Well the new year is here and I've done too much already
I've been away for half a week, comforted a broken marriage, had guests, and missed a killer birthday party And it's only the 11th of Jan!

I've started a diet and tried to make things as easy as possible as I gained heaps of weight over chrissy. And I want to be trim enough that I don't kill a horse when I go riding. So far I only broke it when I was holidaying! And jumped straight back on the wagon as soon as I got home. Well done me

I'm absolutely knackered! The last two days I've slept until 5pm, or if i've gotten up earlier I've needed a 3 hour nap just to get through the day...which is of course why I missed the party, as I no longer knew what day it was Sorry Zak!

Well I need to go out and buy food (I haven't bought any since christmas...and the fridge is finally bare).

So see you all round like a rissole!

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