Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brain Fart...


Does it count as a brain fart, if can feel synapses firing, but not reach the accompanying thought? 
I'm in a mixed episode at the minute, which means that I'm cycling through hypomania and depression almost on a daily basis...and only sleeping every other day. Which in some ways is terrific, but in other ways truly sucks.

Excitment plus! Kelly's shop is opening on Thursday, so i've been lending a hand when i'm in the same world as her :) Even Trick lent a hand this evening with the change room construction. I've got to do a few little bit's to finish off, so I'll be off down to the shed to rustle up some tools and parts. I've been thinking about a use for Peter's offcut triangles. Ill run it by Kel tomorrow.

I've also been pottering in the garden. Maria and I bought a black current, some pineapple sage, some flowers and hanging baskets. Oh and a couple of bushes to go under Trick's window, which is a very difficult spot since it faces north-west and is in shade till the last blast of hot sun in the afternoon. We've gone with some natives even though I'm generally not a huge fan. I suppose I ought to qualify that by saying that since I'm an '80's child, I saw the mass planting of hideous unkempt planting of native plants...which quite put me off natives unless they are in a native setting of 'the bush'. Besides which I'd been attempting a traditional cottage garden feel in the front yard...although I have used some non-cottage garden plants through out it. LOL, for example the olive tree between the mailbox and driveway (Cheers for the housewarming tree Kelly).

Well since I'm fairly tired I think i'll go to bed in a sec...which is pretty amazing since i slept last night.
So Cheerio till next time,

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