Monday, October 26, 2009

Added links :)

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Added links :)

Sunday, 13. July 2008, 21:12:22
Hello All

In case you didn't notice I've added some links.

Starting with Haven...they are my online family I've been chatting with some of them for over 10 years now. They've helped me through suicidal times and times when I'm so hyper that no-one else can stand to be around me. If you are ever going crazy they are there to keep you company and completely understand everything you're going through since they've been through it too!

Facade is my favourite online fortune telling site. IT IS FREE. There are no hidden costs, or "Send us $30 and we'll give you the rest of your report"

Mystic Familiar is a great little site. You have to pay a little bit (3 pounds a month) to access the chat rooms, other wise it's free. It's great if you want to learn or practice telling fortunes, or even learn to heal, or a bunch of other stuff.

Sims 2 stuff...well there are heaps of links in this section. I enjoy playing Sims 2. Mainly I just create houses and decorate having your own house to put into fashion mags. Of course there are heaps of people who conduct all sorts of weird social experiments with these fake people. I just use them sa decorations

So that's about fav sites. I hope you enjoy them

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