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Bonsoir mon amie :)

Bonsoir mon amie :)

Saturday, 28. July 2007, 01:20:53
Howdy Cowdy,

"Here I am again to save the day!
Mighty Mouse,
Mighty Mouse."

Evening to you reckon I could squeeze in one more greeting, or would that be over stepping the bounds of friendship?

Hola bambito.

Ok that's pretty much it...I have a couple more but think I'll save them for another day. If you bumped into down the street I could actually come out with any of those greetings. Weird huh?

I've got all my stuff ready for work tomorrow. Except for my clothes which i'll pick at random as i'm stumbling around running late in the morning.

I had to do my grocery shopping tonight, I figured I may as well get my lunch ready. Then I thought that i'd get together all the stuff to return to the Boys at Queer Fish, and pile it all into my trolley so I only had to walk out the door with it.

A slightly ambitions task as the box i was packing the oversize stuff into needed taping together so the bottom didn't fall out again. Then I had to tie that to the top of the trolley, so I didn't have to carry it.

I did all of that so that I would remember to take the trolley with me to the car so I can actually bring the rest of my shopping in from the car.

It's not that i'm really lazy, it's just that I always buy really heavy stuff, and my Appartment is about as far away from my car park as you can get. On the upside I no longer have to lug it all upstair as I did in Melbourne.

Recently I was discussing with my parents, at what age do people learn to stand up for what they believe in and ignore the criticisim of others at thier choices.

It had started out as a political discussion, about standing up for social injustices.
My brother is almost 31, and although he has some beliefs he's willing to squash them to please the people he surrounds himself with.

On the flipside, is myself. I would have been about four, when I first went against the crowd. It wasn't a great political cause, it was a personal one...but it laid the groundwork for who I am now.

We used to have a pet Cockatoo. It had been raised from a hatchling that had fallen out of a tree in our frontyard. During the day we let it fly around the farm and ride ride the bikes with us (it used to swoop down over your shoulder and land on the handle bars, then spread it wings and lean forward into the air current). Occasionally it would go and visit with roaming flocks of Cocky's, just for a chat.

Now one sunny day i came home form school (Yes, i was at school aged four...I liked to read and they didn't do that at Kinda), and found our Cocky all bandaged up. Maria explained to me that he'd been shot under the wing, and that he might not get better. She also told me that a neighbour had been bragging about having shot a cockatoo under the wasn't a neighbour I saw often, but she said that I didn't have to talk to them if i didn't want to.

Anyway, about a week or so later, Rich and I were being babysat by another neigbour. Audra decided to call on the shooting neighbour, with us in tow. It was stinking hot, and everyone was hanging out for a drink. The neighbour offered all us kids a cordial, but because I'd already decided to not talk to these neighbours because of Cocky, I didn't say hello, let alone accept the offer of a drink. I also refused to play with the kids, and just stood in the kitchen in silent protest of being there at all.

Children being childern didn't care one way or the other if I wanted to play or not, and just took my brother outside with them. However, I did get to stand there and listen to Audra and the neighbour discuss what an odd child I was.

So I learnt from a very young age that standing up for what you believe in is often painful...but that if you don't stand up then no-one else will either.

Sure, the neighbours had no understanding of my silent protest, but it taught me a valuable lesson.
Now I'm a little more vocal about what I believe in, and vocally challenge others view points. On the other hand though, I also believe that it is just as valid to hold a contrary view point to mine...and I try to listen to the persons arguments, for thier view.

It's by listening and asking intelligent questions about peoples beliefs, that you (and they) grow to understand them more.

Occasionally I wonder if I ask too many questions.
I worry about having exerted undue influence, by the direction of my questioning.

LOL, I'm not christian, but went to a christian school. So this simile may sound a little offensive to many.

I wonder if i'm like Eve. Just wanted to know a little bit more, and with the tempting offer of the apple from the tree of knowledge. Accepted so much knowledge that she could no longer live in a blissful state of unawareness.
Thus was cast from paridise, along with her mate Adam, who she'd lured into eating the apple by asking him questions about his beliefs.

You know what? Even if I am like Eve, I don't think that if there is a god like in the bible, that he would have forbidden us from eating the apple. I mean if he created us in his own image, and gave us these magnificent brains to question with, he'd have put the tree there for us to eat from. You can hardly be all knowing, and a huge brainiac and not know that we'd want more answers to all the questions in our minds.

Everyone makes such a big deal about satan, being the one to have tempted Eve first...obviously God made the first mistake Satan just hoped to show god that he didn't deserve to be kicked out, for showing a little initiative.

So all of that being said, I do want to be clear that i'm not christian. I believe more along the lines of celtic wiccan, crossed with budhist reincarnationism. Basically a made up religion that just feels right to me. I borrow a bit from here, and a bit from there, to explain the unexplainable mysteries in my life.

I have nothing against any other religion, as I believe that ultimately they are all one and the same...that if you look to the fundamental beliefs they promote respect and tolerance of other life, and a striving to make the world a better place. It's just the way people interperate what makes the world a better place and who or what constitues 'other life', that fucks the way we end up treating each other.

Too much D&M tonight? Deep and Meaningful that is...not drunk and morose, or any other combination of 'd' and 'm' words. I'm completely sober...and am most nights.
When your life is already screwy, why add excess drugs and alchol to the mix?

Ok so here are two really bad russian jokes to lighten it up tonight.

1. Two eggs were in a frying pan.
The first egg says "Gee, it's hot in here."
The second egg replies in a drugged out hippy voice "Oh wow, a talking egg."

2. An egg and a piece of lettuce were in a frying pan.
The piece of lettuce says "Gee, it's hot in here."
The egg replies "What the fuck's a piece of lettuce doing in a frying pan anyway?!?"

There you are then No, nothing was lost in translation, they are just dumb jokes.
Funny thing is a friend used them in her interview to get into the Hall of her choice, when she applied to live on campus for Uni.
She got in

Have a good night!

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