Monday, October 26, 2009

Psychotic anyone?

Psychotic anyone?

Sunday, 3. August 2008, 22:39:45

I woke up this morning with one hand upon my opposite wrist, with the oddest feeling that I had been about to devein my arm like you would a prawn. Just reach right in there and grip the vein and peel it right out of my arm up to the elbow.

I think that I'd also been up for a couple of days before that...but i'm not sure. I think that I went to bed on wednesday night, then again last night which was saturday.

BUGGER! I just burnt the casserole that I was reducing! It was kangaroo, in red wine with mushrooms. Which on it's own is quite gamey, but teamed with a mash or cauliflower cheese, it's divine
I hadn't used anything to thicken it, and just thought I'd reduce it a bit more from when I had tea. I had another glass of Feijoa wine and started watching CSI, and completely forgot about it. I tend to multi task when watching tellie, thus I was also midway through typing this

I have to tell you that I adore my new puta. I'm so glad that I did get a TV means that I have a little window on the tellie, whilst busy computing. When I go to bed (the computer is in the bedroom) I can blow the window up to full screen and watch tellie in bed...and then turn the whole computer off via remote. I would be able to turn it on from bed too, but I've got a password on my user.

I just saw the dumbest ad. It's by the kids help line. Basically it's a silent ad, with a text over saying that it's an opportunity to talk with your kids, and that great relationships happen when there is time to talk...Which is quite a good premise, apart from the fact that it's 9.50pm. I know that not all kids are in bed by 10pm on a sunday night (hell, that was me!), but if you're sitting down to have a chat instead of sending your kids to bed, then something is definitely wrong with your parenting skills. Peter was always getting in trouble from Maria when she'd come home and I'd still be up watching tellie (Maria knocked off work at 10 or 10.30pm four nights a week)...although it wasn't really his fault. I was sneaky and manipulative...and I knew how to work Peter's weaknesses. I knew that if I could string him out half an hour or more after Richard had gone to bed, and I was quiet and didn't more too much, that he'd probably fall asleep. Leaving me up to do whatever (or watch whatever) I wanted until Maria got home...then if I was really sneaky I'd be able eke out a little more time to watch the end of whatever movie i'd stayed up watching. I'd been doing that and barganing for more time to stay up, from about he age of seven.

Later I worked it so that I could stay in bed reading till the wee hours of the morning (between 1-3am)...something that I miss being able to do. LOL a skill that would be really handy considering that I can now stay up x-days straight. It gets hard occasionally finding stuff that wont disturb the neighbours. The only time I get the urge to vaccuum is around 1-3am

Hmm, makes me think that I'll be living with neighbours a while yet. *sigh* LOL, and that when I have a place of my own that I need to have headlights fitted to my lawnmower

Well, cheerio I've had enough blogging for the night

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