Monday, October 26, 2009

Tired of not sleeping

Tired of not sleeping

Thursday, 22. October 2009, 23:05:50

Well it seems that i'm back to not sleeping. I'm averaging a night's sleep every other day, and let me tell you Maurice is not happy about it! The second I do go to bed, he's there digging at the covers so I can let him in...anyone would think that it's the cat's right to have a warm person to control the covers and heat the bed just for them. Not only that I must have my keyboard set a million miles away from me on the desk, since there has also got to be enough room in front of me that he can sleep curled in my arms. Oh, and please provide the drinking water from the rainwater tank outside, in a nice clean glass that is wide enough for whiskers not to get too squashed as I drink, replacing it regularly since cats don't like any dust on the surface.

As much as I complain about the little blighter, I really wouldn't deny him any of those things as life would be that much emptier without him. The look of joy on his little face when I garden with him (which in actual fact just entails me weeding, or planting and him rolling around in pea straw, with the occasional pause for him to kill me) brings much pleasure to me. He's my chicken, and my besom, and occasionally my mickey mouse, he brings a smile to my heart when no-one else can.

Poor old Ronnie on the other hand gets no such sentiment from me. He's nice enough, and adores me though I can't think why. He just irritates the shit out of me most of the time, I'm sure it's just our mis-matching temperaments and the fact he has no concept of personal space, which I suppose is a dog thing. He does have a couple of nicknames; Ronnie Dog (said as if you're were announcing superman), and Slober-dog Milosovitch (which Maria always says is mean as i'm referring to him as if he was a genocidal manic). I'm also pretty sure he reckons "phwoar, get out you stinky dog!" is one of his nicknames, since he hears it often enough whenever he enters the room farting.

Well i'm off to do some facebooking, lots of silly quizes to do and games to play. Lord only knows what i'd do without the internet to provide me with days and days of distracting when i'm not sleeping. I have a feeling that i'm going to crash pretty hard when this jag of no sleep is least so far my spending is still undercontrol, and there is no real extremes in mood (just the odd bout of insane happiness). I've got a day of work tomorrow, keeping people with guns safe, so I ought to get some sleep in readiness for them.


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