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OMG, did you watch that kiss?????

OMG, did you watch that kiss?????

Sunday, 30. September 2007, 23:40:01

Thank god for Youtube!

There have been a couple of moments in my life when i've wished to be a gay male. The kiss below is one time. How hot is it???? John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness is my dream man.

I actually think men kissing each other is supremely hot. It shows a man in complete control of his sexuality. It shows him as someone who says "This is what i want and be damned the consequences!". Women kissing each other just don't evoke that same passion...they just don't exude that manly strength.

I'm not saying that women kissing isn't ever hot...believe me i've had some mind blowing kisses with one woman. I kick myself on a regular basis for not dumping my dodgy BF, to throw myself whole heartedly into a relationship with Christine. She was beautiful and oozed sex appeal. Everything about her was strong and sexy. Think Gwen Stefani back in her No Doubt phase...back as a brunette. *sigh*

Anyway, i've wandered off topic again. My two other favourite screen kisses/embraces of all time are between Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck in "In and Out", and Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain". So there you are my three hottest kisses are all gay.

LOL, a 13yr old friend was watching movies with me, including Brokeback Mountain...and I burst out with "I want to be a Gay Man!", then had to explain why I felt like that. Embarassing or what? LOL, and to top it off she then told another friend I hang with.

OK, this may sound utterly bizarre coming from a 32 yr old. I'm friends with both thier mothers first off...and i'm just easy to hang with, so the girls come over and watch tv and movies with me. We eat pizza, ice cream and chocolate, stay up late and talk about who's hooked up with who at school etc. All the stuff they mightn't talk to thier mothers about. Kinda like a big sister, without the family issues

LOL, anyway it was weird enough finding out that friend 'a' (who had her b'day party at my place) had half encouraged a rumor about her mum and I being lesbian lovers. All because someone had pointed out the picture in my lounge of two women kissing, and made a suggestion that it was us. I have it there because I like black and white photos, I also had a naked man at the other end of the lounge...which i've now replaced by a male couple embracing. Anyway...I guess it all points to me being a little different to the norm, parent aged person. In typical teen fashion, make a joke about something you're not sure of...and low and behold i become someone's second mum

OK, now i've gone and gotten myself all worried about not being a 'normal' person. LOL, all i really have to say about that, is "I'm as normal as i'm going to get!".

Have a great day, and rewatch the Jack and Jack kiss. Oh, it's called that because Jack is kissing his name sake the day before he goes missing, before Jack assumes his identity...thus Captain Jack Harkness is kissing Captain Jack Harkness.

Cheerio *waves*

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