Monday, October 26, 2009

Split between two houses.

Split between two houses.

Friday, 1. May 2009, 16:59:55
Well for all of you who've ever been in a relationship, you'll know the balance of spending time together and time apart is often dependant upon what is easiest to do. At the minute it is certainly easy to spend every waking minute in Wil's company. Although it's certainly not so easy to achieve all the things that require a concentrated effort on my behalf...such as housework and other social responsibilites. As is understandable in any honeymoon phase of a relationship.

It's also a bit of a bugger for me as I've never been in a relationship where I haven't been the one inviting the guy over to my house and eventually move in. I'm finding out for the first time how much it sucks being split between houses. I have to take clothes with me, and anything else I may need whilst i'm away from home, and also lug myself back and forward to care for my animals, house and garden. Now perhaps if i was just living in a normal rental I'd ditch the lease and move in with Wil...but i'm not, i'm meant to be working on this house. Proving that i'm capable and responsible enough to handle a house and mortgage. Which would be fine if it was as easy as asking Wil to move in here...but the house is not set up for a wheelchair and i've just got a brother as a roomie. Besides that I've also said I'll take things slowly, so Wil can learn the good and bad bits before we live together, and last but not least is Wil's daughter Noni. He hasn't even had a real access visit since we've been together, so who knows how that dynamic will work?

So split between two houses I remain and it looks like it'll stay that way for the time being. I'm whisked this way and that as is demanded of me, and it's not exactly easy...I try to keep sane and stable. Buggered if I know how people do it


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