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Hank and Skein

Hank and Skein

Sunday, 23. March 2008, 22:40:31
Well today I'm wondering about words.
It started out with Skein...I wanted to know how it came into the english's a derived from french. Now a skein is a length of coiled thread or wool, which is generally used for weaving or embroidery.

A hank is from old english. It also means a length of coiled thread, hair or wool. Now I have an issue with this definition...I'd always thought a hank was a handful of thread, wool or hair, be that coiled or not.

What is a handful? Is it solely what a hand can hold, or is it another measurement...more like a cubit?

Solely, is that like alone? Apparently alone is derived from all one. That sounds far nicer than the alternative of solitude...perhaps we've just got the wrong take on solitude...perhaps it's a state of being that we ought to seek out to become whole within ourselves.

A handful, is a full hand, or a hand hold of stuff. Perhaps we need to take ourselves in hand, or hold ourselves together. Whatever it is we need to make ourselves full, through our hands.

A hank or skein, is used to weave and sew...perhaps it's talking of hand making the fabric of our lives, or weaving the pattern of our lives?

What a funny turn of events...the searching for the meaning of words has turned into a searching out of the meanings of life. Perhaps that's the way it always is...if you look deep enough into the daily meaning of things then you find life...and the meaning of it.

Quite different from yesterdays grossness, today there is a peace and a quiet about my thoughts.
Cheerio for today,

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