Monday, October 26, 2009

Centipede feet

Centipede feet

Tuesday, 29. July 2008, 19:40:22
We have an add down here for a room freshener, which features a mother elephant talking about her teenage, centipede son leaving his sneakers lying around.

It got me thinking if I was a centipede that wore shoes I'd have to label which shoe came off which foot, because each of your shoes wears slightly different...and you get individual toe imprints on the inside. Weird huh? Imagine the size of your hundred shoes all the same. Being a bit of a shoe fiend I'd have to have a whole room to house even just a couple of styles. Lordy and just imagine the bill for all of them???

I wonder what makes a centipede attractive? If I was to wear a skirt I'd have the biggest arse ever one hundred legs long. LOL, but I'd have good legs


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