Monday, October 26, 2009

An ongoing saga

An ongoing saga

Wednesday, 29. July 2009, 00:30:12
Hey again,

The last couple of days Wil's youngest sister has been texting me, trying to find out more about what happened between Wil and I. Which is fine because Wil's family is nice. But I've also had a text and a couple of odd emails from Wil himself, the result being that I told his sister that he could be depressed and that if i thought he was capable of it, the text he sent me on the phone could have been a suicide note. So tomorrow Wil's mum is coming to see him, hopefully to talk some sense into him, and generally just to check up on him.

I want to have a chat to her about how Wil is hassling Kelly over stuff she hasn't done (probably because he's been hassled himself). She sure as hell doesn't deserve it after all she did for Wil, besides which she has a strong moral code which she lives by, and the things he's accusing her of are totally unsubstantiable.

I hope Wil's mum can get through to him, if for nobodies sake but his own.

On a side note, Ronnie has been really ill the last few weeks, and has had multiple visits to the vet. He has a contact allergy to something in my backyard, and a mighty feirce ulcer on his left eyeball. The upshot of this is that he needs surgery on his eye (hopefully just under a local anaesthetic). Basically what they'll do is scrub the dead tissue out of the ulcer down to living tissue, then scratch that up a bit and hopefully that will stimulate his eye to heal. So far i've been cleaning and putting a variety of drops in it, and all it's done is reduce the inflamation, without actually helping heal the ruddy great hole in his eye...which is why the surgery is needed. If this doesn't work, then they'll pull a bit of eyelid (I think?) down and sew it over the hole, which will then supply the bloodflow which is needed to heal the hole...leaving him with a patch of eyelid on his eyeball forever. Weird huh? Trick can't handle anything to do with eyes since he nearly lost an eye in an accident, so I can't even tell him all the gory details.

Anyway, i'm off to bed (I know it's early for me!) just so I can be up nice and early to get Ronnie to the vet on time.

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