Monday, October 26, 2009

Music is obviously a big part of my life...

Music is obviously a big part of my life...

Sunday, 5. August 2007, 02:08:03

Howdy All!

I've been thinking this evening about how important music is to me.
I've always had an eclectic taste in music...and have often had friends raise thier eyebrows at what I actually listen to.
I never realised just how important music is to me on a daily basis. I know that i'm not alone in how often I listen to music. I wake up to music, I have music playing almost constantly through out the day and fall asleep listening to music. If I'm not playing something, i'm singing away to myself.

Although if you ask me what I listen to, the names of artists, or the lyrics of songs, I can't actually tell's as if it's more an automatic part of myself is listening. That it craves certain sounds and rejects others depending upon it's internal mood. It can listen to the same thing over and over happily, much longer than the average person can stand to hear the same song. I know this because i've had many people comment on how can I listen to the same thing over and over. I've been known to have the same cd on loop for 2 months straight...or download the same song in 8 different versions, or by different artists. Weird I know.

I generally like a good bass line, and prefer my singers not to trill away over the same word...but to sing like the average person. It just seems to make more sense to have music for the people, by average people...and a bass that moves the body like a heart beat. There has to be something about it that taps into my automatic body...that makes it sing, dance or move.

Do other people have automatic selves? I suppose they do, I mean how often do you hear about people having driven from A to B with no memory of how they got there...I think mine just must run a little more frequently.

Perhaps I daydream/romanticise more frequently because my automaitc self runs more frequently?

Speaking of beats, I think i'd like one of those large flat drums you see celtic folk singers, although it'll probably get about as much use as my guitar. I just want to make some sort of music for myself. I used to drive one of my ex's insane with my druming on things. He was quite musical and probably wouldn't have minded so much if I didn't drum in the spaces between beats. I don't know why I do that, that's just my beat. Yes, I've heard all the dancing to the beat of a different drum comments...and it's all true!


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