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Talk about weird dreams...

Talk about weird dreams...

Saturday, 25. August 2007, 05:23:59
Remember how I was telling you about the fact I have weird dreams...well have I got a doozy to tell you tonight.

I'll skip most of the first part. I'd been for dinner with the parents in Melbourne. Had a minor bingle on the way back to Uni. Where we were staying in a dodgy highway roadside hotel (throw back to a dream a couple of weeks ago).

Anyway we met up with a heap of friends about Richards and my age. Maria and Peter pled fatigue and went to bed early, rather than stay up drinking and gossiping. For some reason my cousin James lobbed in...He’d just got back to Australia (since he's a scholar in Europe)...and kicked off with us. The party got really swinging, after he joined us. He told us that earlier in the evening he'd been entertained by Pauline Hanson, who'd been doing a striptease with another dodgy patron who was staying in the hotel.

The we all started acting as if we were off out face...James started plying me with cocktails, which I had to drink from a clean ashtray since there weren't any clean glasses on hand. They were thick and chocolaty, although I'd been drinking clear vodka cocktails before then. I'd only had about 4 or five drinks the whole evening, but I kept ploughing into things trying to get past people and doorways. I was the worst of the whole bunch of us and James had been acting protective of me.

Anyway, we were all off our face. The women all started throwing themselves at James, two at a time and then fighting over him, as to who got to undress him and give him an erotic massage. Inwardly, I had to shy away, knowing that I’d had a sort of crush on him since I was an early teen. And now that he was doing well as an archaeologist he was even more attractive to me (which he is BTW, doing well that is...).

So after the girls had him stripped down to his jocks, and he kept toying with the girls by climbing under a glass coffee table, so they couldn't get at him. The girls said lets have a look at what's filling his jocks so nicely; they passed around a mobile phone that he'd kindly stuck down his jocks...which of course reached me. The girls were still fighting over who would get to have sex with this magnificent member, and James chimed in "Why don't I just sleep with everyone?” Well that just made me literally writhe on the floor (although because of embarrassment, I hid my face in some papers that had been knocked of the table in all the excitement). Everyone made some smart arse remark about how turned on I was.

James saved me till last in his exploits. We had the most amazing sex ever, and since everyone was watching everyone else's turn, they twigged that there must be something extra between James and I. So in the morning as everyone was sort of recovering, they were still making fun of us. James promptly owned up that he'd dosed us all the previous night, which was apparently what his friends did for shit and giggle's OS.

James was however still very protective of me in the morning, and in the midst of all the teasing planted another big kiss on me... which of course I responded to. This was about the time my parents got up, commenting on what a rowdy lot we were all night. So, they found out about James and I. Which although they were disappointed with us for sleeping with our cousin, they also understood that mentally we were an excellent match.

Then we made our way to a family function (which was a small close family affair to welcome James home to Australia). His mother presented him with a handmade card, with a poem on the inside. It basically welcomed him home, and proudly said well done on finding such a good match in me. Still flabbergasted that the family took our being together in any way shape or form as anything less than abhorrence, the poem welcomed us back into the hearts of our family.

This was a happily, ever after ending to a bizarre dream.

Quite a few references in this dream, were linked to day to day stuff going on in my life: TV, Friends, issues and desires. But what an odd way for my brain to link them all together in one dream. BTW, i'm really not that desirous of my cousin. He fits my rough guidelines for a good mate, i'd never made the connection like this though.

Obviously, this link to my cousin, is because it's been a long while since i've felt like being in a relationship. I'm just reaching the point again, where i want something other then just sex.

I have a friend who's also having drug and alcohol whilst I can have a good time myself (as evidenced by the dream), I choose not to turn to drugs as a way of coping with my illness. There have been plenty of times when i've thought "Ah, fuck it. Why don't I just chuck in the rest of my life and live in an oblivious haze. It would be so much easier than having to live a shit life day in day out.". This has obviously been when I've been in a major depression, but all the same I choose not to end my days that way.

The link to Uni is's as if I still crave to be there, although i'm quite aware that at the minute i'm not capable of it. *Smile* Especially since it was a lecturer and father of a Uni friend that collided with me.

Oh a part that I glossed over, was the cats and dogs. I'd taken in a stray, and we got on fabulously, but the mini dogs were jealous. One of the ways they acted out was to break into a part of the hotel, to which we weren't meant to have access. The door from our room had been left unlocked, and we'd already explored. It was full of junk and spare computer parts, left over from a failed buisness (which is a link to real life since i've been working in a retro place, which is falling apart since the owners have fallen out). Anyway the dogs had snuck in there to crap. We all got upset about that in the morning, as it would reveal the fact we'd been in there to the hoteliers. Not to mention that when a little kid who shifted our drying clothes (which had been put to air in the 'spare' room), he got dog poo all over one of the guy's clothes. I didn't mind that at the time, since he was a particularly annoying guy.

This guy had hit on me at some point. I was disgusted and amazed that he had, as i'd never had the slightest inkling of interest in him, and already found him slightly repulsive. This sort of links back to an incident when i was in high school. Gerard Diprose, ugh...besides which he'd sent the guy that I actually liked to ask me out (it was year 7 afterall).

Anyway, I guess the poo incident could either be me, or the partner of one of the girls I work for. Me, because at some point both girls have unloaded to me...i've pleaded ignorance of what the other girl is saying/thinking, but offered advice based on what was said anyway. Now when these two girls get around to finally duking it out, it could come out that i've talked to both girls. If it's the partner of one of the girls, obviously it's because I don't really like him...and thought he deserved to have dog poo on him and his clothes. Although going off at the little kid over an accident was overkill...and just prooved what an arse he is. At least from my point of view anyway.

Well, that's about all i can think of at the minute, so i'll probably go back to bed properly now

Cheery bye *waves*

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