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Thursday, 4. October 2007, 23:09:35
I'm tired.
So tired that i've tripped over twice coming inside...nearly landing on my face.
So tired my mind is wandering.

Which of course isn't good for learning the intricacies of photo shop so that I can collage some pictures.
Lucky for me i've decided to begin with lemons...perhaps I'm setting myself up for a fruedian slip. "Gee, that's a lemon of a picture"..."Did the sour lemons suck the life out of your attempt?"

See even my wandering attempts at humour are lame at this level of weariness.

I went to see a financial advisor...trying to figure out a way to earn enough off investments to get off the pension. Although it seems to me that the whole pension system is designed to keep you on the dole. Basically I need to reinvest my share divitends in a couple of years time, plus whatever i can save, before i can even start to increase what is actually coming in. Sounds perfectly reasonable. If I want to buy individual parcels of shares in companies, then i need to save approx. $6000...Alternately I can invest in a fund that invests in diversified share packages, with as little as $1000-2000. So that is probably the best option for me ATM. On top of that though I need to save approx. $4000, to cover my expenses anytime I go mental...which then pushes my scheme out to the three year mark, before I can actually invest anything. All I can say is that it is a good thing I plan to live until i'm 125. LOL.

I was once told that with the advances medicine keeps making on an exponential basis, and you were born in the 1970's, and don't smoke or drink, then there is a high likelihood that you will reach the age of 125. So I decided that i'd live that long Although I do have the odd drink, I am pretty determined, and I like birthdays

Oh, the family is starting a garage buisness (which is why the photoshop collage thing) hopefully I'll start earning an income from it and be able to reach my investment targets sooner than the above mentioned plan. Although I think that perhaps my idea of what ties together may differ slightly from Peter's. We both have a good eye, although he probably has more ready ability...and naturally our own tastes. Hopefully we're going to at least be within cooee of each other with ideas.
Oh yeah, another bonus for this buisness is that it's proposed that I'll be able to travel for market look out World, I'm leaving on a jet plane! LOL, well once it starts making enough money

Another thing I did today was visit Nonna's grave. We girls of the family went to tidy it up and plant minature agapanthus over her...It'll grow into a thick green floral blanket to keep her warm. We thought about planting a pillow for her behind her headstone, but decided the other patrons might not get the giggle as much as Nonna...but we did tuck her toes in so they wouldn't get cold. She's buried beside a sister, and her parents are sleeping just a few plots over...but she's also sharing her headstone with Nonno, and Polly. Polly got scattered over her paddock at the farm (whilst i did the highland fling for her...very proud of her scotish heritage, and a wry sense of humor). Nonno on the otherhand has been scattered in the sea, so he could swim home to, that and he spent his youth as a chef on various ships. Which was delicious for all of us who grew up under his shadow. We ate dishes from all over the world, whilst friends got plain aussie fare.

It was weird actually, after the financial meeting Maria and I were thirsty...and my first thought was "Oh, we can just pop in and have a cuppa with Nonna whilst we're here.". It's even funnier for the fact that she didn't even live in that house for the last 5-6 years of her life...and she died right here in my house (kind of, she had a massive stroke and died within an hour or so of reaching the hospital...I think that she died here as this was where she was last in her head)

Well...i've had enough for tonight.

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