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Wednesday, 8. August 2007, 03:48:18

I'm not talking about the TV show when I say hero's.

Do you ever wonder why fiction has such great hero's? The kind you fall in love with without thinking about it. Apart from selling a book or film, you can go back further to oral story telling, and the myths and sagas that were told around the fire in the evening. I suppose falling in love is a form of entertainment.

I have a major hang up on hero's...I guess it comes from having read too many fairy tales when i was young. Although the basic prince charming does nothing for me now. I'm into the tourtured soul who loses his way and is steered back to his true path by me. I know, I can hear you all muttering under your breath that that never happens. I'm not dumb enough to fall for that in real life again (see previous entries for my follishness .

A blue uniform sets internal buzzers off for me...cops, air force, bus drivers. Now I have you questioning my sanity for sure. I know that there is nothing particularly heroic about bus drivers, but the blue uniform is linked in my mind with heroism.

Surely I'd need more proof of heroism than just a uniform. Although plonk me down in a room full of academics and I'll be equally a good brain is a heroic trait to me too. A capable body is also heroic...not overly muscly, but capable of rescuing me from a burning tower? How cliche is that?

I'm not saying I need all of those traits in a, not to mention it's not very practical idea. I just can't stop myself from looking for a real life hero, that matches all the stories. None of the real life hang up's, like a job that's boring, ready made families, ex-girlfriends or mother in laws.

So I'm a sucker for hero's. I suppose that I'm just the ideal target for all the story tellers, from throughout the ages. Appealing to a basic urge to procreate with a leader figure, who would be able to protect me from ravenous wolves and marauding pillagers. It worries me a little that i'm so primally driven. What sort of woman in this day and age admits to being so primally driven?

Should I state now that i've worked with power tools and can build a kitchen from scratch? Assert my capability as a woman of the new world? Ha, I think that we've always been capable, which is why we have such an important role to play in heroic fiction...that of the rescuer. When all the brains and brawn of the male sex hasn't been able to get the hero back on track, it's fallen to the heroine to step up to the plate and point out the obvious.

BTW, I can build a kitchen, and i've studied history and archaeology at apart from being crazy, i'm perfectly capable of a great many things. Oh and while i'm slightly off topic, the sooner men get used to women working in fields not dominated by men the better. I got so sick of having to prove I was capable of talking to tradies and knowing a trade as well as they did. I actually found my parents generation and those of my own age were the least offensive...they either knew more about women, or hadn't been in the trade long enough to have opinions thrust upon them. Either way, those who are nearing thier 40's needed to pull thier heads in.

Ok, so back to the topic at hand...Hero's. Why is it that in today's age they still play a part? You'd think that evolution, would have stepped in and stopped us yearning for hero's? Surely we could do without the war mongering, and fanatacisim that is shown by some hero's? If we moved away from that then we could probably even cut back on the brawn too...just enough to live a helathy lifestyle and not drop dead at thirty. Which just leaves the brains and leadership aspects of heroisim. Perhaps then we'd be able to preserve what's left of this world?

Maybe we do need to retain the brawn? If we ever fenture forth into the universe and bump into another lifeform, we might have to do battle once again? LOL, and now i'm going to sound like a nerd...perhaps we wouldn't need brawn if we acted like Vulcan's? Followed a path of peace and logic.

I was watching Torchwood, this evening on the tellie. They were talking about death, and what's out there after we die. Suzie said there is darkness, but something predatory in the dark. *sigh* and speaking of Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness is almost my ideal Hero...he just needs a UK accent instead of a US one. Blue uniform, fit, smart, funny, a leader, he's like that all the time, and just plain has the right stuff

Now I can't remember what the point was, that I was trying to make about what's in the dark. Maybe that if this life is the whole point of what's going on in the universe, then finding a heroic way to live give it more meaning? Nah, that doesn't sound like what i was going to say, or what i believe in anyway.

OMG! I just figured out the Capt'n Jack looks similar to an Ex...Allen. That brings back memories and pain. I loved him so much...he was so much my hero and friend. He's dead now. Perhaps I'll talk about him another day.

Anyway here's a photo of Capt'n Jack.

I'm too distracted to write any more, Kate.

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