Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's topic is: Take Action...

Today's topic is: Take Action...

Monday, 24. September 2007, 18:25:22
So i've obviously had some time off...just quietly going crazy

Perhaps I was avoiding taking action?
I suppose what taking action means to me is that even when you're shit scared, or so caught up in whatever is going on it your life, that you have to force change by doing one thing differently.

It doesn't actually matter what it is that you chose to do differently, because it's like starting an avalance. One pebble thrown at the slope will dislodge all that other 'stuff', leaving a clean slope for you to travel over, or build upon.

It's a very pertinant topic for me ATM. I'm busily holding things together, trying to stay 'sane'...and frankly that's not working for me. I feel like I'm stuck, and something needs to shift in order for me to be able to move about freely. A paradim shift? I'm not sure if that's think it's more a shift in the physical world. Someone i'm meant to meet, or someplace i'm meant to be.

Having met James at meditation was a good step. It was a kick in the bum meeting. Basically saying "You know what you should be doing, so why aren't you doing it?"...Even Zak has been prodding me along those same lines.

Should I look for a rental house that lets me do more of what I came back to the country to do? That's not such a stupid idea...lets the universe know i'm serious. Let's those in charge of finances know i'm serious too, lol. The ocean of abundance is out there, and will flow my way if I get serious.

Mutter, mutter...I think i've had enough of this topic for today.

On a side note I sat a practice citizen test for Australia today...I got 17/20. Mainly because I didn't read the questions properly. I also tried to wade through the booklet that all the questions are based's soooo boring. I really feel sorry for those who actually have to study it to pass this citizen test. I know they only have to get 60% to pass, but it's still so tedious to wade through to garner that info. I hope that community centres start running free info sessions, where at least you can learn the info in an interactive setting.

I'm pretty sure that my friends will all pass...aside for there determination at studying (which seems to be an immigrant thing...i know my grandfather had it too), I've sat down and discussed a lot of the topics with them Including their responsibilites towards voting. Frankly I don't care who you vote for as long as you've taken an interest in the process. Another thing I'm keen on is Intergration. I love people to retain thier culture and customs, as long as they are open to sharing theirs and also be willing to share others.

I have a little bit of a bug bear, when it comes to shopping in your native language. I feel that you're cheating yourselves out of mastering english, by not using english when you're out in public. Save your native tounge for when you're at home, that is where your children need to learn it. Of course I realise that it's easier to slip into your native tounge when you're around other native speakers, but what are you cheating yourselves out of, and what are you cheating english speakers out of? It might be rude, but I like to listen to stranger's gives a snap shot into their lives. I guess that makes me selfish in my desires for immigrants to speak english...but I learn so much from you in those snap shots. I might not get to meet you in other circumstances, yet you've shown me part of your culture. I value that. I think Australia is great because of the great mix of people we have here. So please speak english when you're out in public...if not for your own english practice, then for the sticky beaks like me

Oh, and don't be afraid to make friends with people who don't speak the same languages as yourselves...there is so much to be learnt from each other. I know smatterings of language from all over the world now, although I will admit my tounge doesn't twist around asian languages as easily as it does european ones

English is the one common language we have here in Australia...please use it as the stepping stone so other people understand your cultures and languages.

*stepping off my soap box now*

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