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Art Classes...

Art Classes...

Tuesday, 23. October 2007, 18:59:45

What I need is a scanner, so that I can show you what i've ben up to recently...I'll probably have to take myself over to M&P's to use thier scanner

A funny old guy pops into the shop fairly frequently for visits (he designed the shop logo and cards)...and he said he was thinking of offering art classes to anyone who was interested. At first he thought he'd charge about $12 a session, but then decided that every artists has something to offer, so he'd be learning from his pupils the classes are free!!! Yay.

Anyway, after stumbling around knocking on doors in this housing commission community, Z and I finally found the right door. We got to look at his art work, and discuss part of how he comes up with ideas. Also he's gave us a few magazines and an old journal to look at...the journal was from 1881, filled with poetry, paintings, drawings and beautiful writing.

Then he looked at some of our work, to see where we're at...and set our homework! A drawing a day in a fine black pen, for the next two months. Towards the end of the two months we're allowed to do a painting in mono-colour with either a small flat brush, or a largish faom block brush.

So far i've drawn the upper branches of the elms outside my back door, the avenue itself, some grass and clover, a column with the back of Maurice and a rose bush, and an association doodle. What I mean by association doodle is, a bit like word association...say one word and then the next hing that makes you think of...except that I draw one thing and then draw what the first thing made me think of. I'll list them as I drew them

A ball with a light and shadow > An eyeball > An eye socket (which looked like a feather) > A feather (looked like a quill pen) > An ink bottle > A page drawn around the ball > Scissors to cut the page > A blade (scimitar) > A Ninja (assasin) > A Crown for the royal who was assasinated (which looked like a birthday cake) > A candle (which was a bit smokey) > Clouds > A wet landscape > Raindrop (which looked like a drop of blood) > Vampire teeth > A cross > Tumbling stick figure men (who looked as if they were dancing for joy) > Music > An ear > A stylised nose, eyes and eyebrows > A wing > A fly > A piece of meat (a lamb chop to be exact). So there you are, my association doodle.

Hmmm, I wonder what that would all mean to an analyst? There are a fair few blades, gore and murdering going on...not to mention the decomposition, and gloom of either candle light or a rainy day. lol, at least I find them all interesting

Well I'll show you when i've got them scanned...till then, "See ya round like a rissole, Eh! Eh!"

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