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Trying the blog transfer anyway...

*Ok, so I'll try to transfer my posts over here after all...but I may have difficulty posting the photo's and videos.


Wednesday, 25. July 2007, 18:49:04
A message from Kate

So none of you know me from you know adam? I've always assumed that they were refering to the biblical adam...inwhich case i'd have to be pretty damn old for you to confuse me with him.

Peter asked me what people put on blogs, I told him whatever they wanted...mine is just going to be a snap shot of my brain. I hope that you all can follow my thoughts.

The last two weeks i've been fixing my puta. Windows died...i needed to install a second hard drive so i could copy all my music and files off before formating the original drive...but of course whenever you do something like that you inevitably forget to copy something. I forgot my file of photos, and humorous pictures. I was gutted. I've rummaged around in moving boxes today hoping that i had a back up of at least a couple of photos. Lucky for me there were a couple Like my superhero photo!

I got a hair cut on the weekend...BJ my friend and boss fixed it for me, I'd given myself a mini mullet last week and died it blue in the middle of the night. Sometimes i have bipolar lapses and decide to do odd things while i can't sleep. ATM I'm a purply red all over.

Twice last week I stayed up 48hrs straight. I keep forgeting to make and appointment to see my doc. He's a GP that has branched off into counciling and Neuro-feedback. Neuro-feedback is retraining your brain, a bit like pushing your reset button on the puta. What he does is hook me up to a computer via electrodes attached to my head and ears. These measure various brainwaves. Then I watch the screen and either lower or raise certain waves by meditating/thinking. It flashes and rings at me when i get it right...a kind of reward for getting the right rythym. You do this for a while (a dozen or so sessions) and it reboots your brain. It might take a little while to find the right program (there are different settings for different symptoms)...but with a little trial and error there can be significant benefits.

So the photo attached to the bottom of this entry was taken today...i'm looking a little festy, but I woke up late, and just couldn't be bothered fixing myself up Love me as I am, or not at all!

I don't think I have anything else to add today...oh apart from officially acknowledging that i'm a nerd. I'm not a supergeek...but I have enough quirks to classify myself as nerd.

BTW originally a geek was someone who bit the heads off small animals like chickens and mice.

Cheers, Kate

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