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Nothing much to say

Nothing much to say

Sunday, 2. November 2008, 01:45:39

Another month has rolled by without me saying anything. I've been sleeping when everyone else is awake (or being woken up by them when they come to visit me Which I dont mind too much. This week I'll be off to Melb again; a first birthday party of all things Ashmi is turning one, which is terrific. Joy and Moon will be hosting a grand event, since they are the proudest parents (as all first time parents are And the old Emily st gang will be in attendance (well as many of them as can be rounded up within the country John is coming down from Brisy; it's a bit of a bugger that Emily is still in Singapore...but a fun time should still be had by all.

I've also been rearranging my house...i've kind of given up waiting for this place to sell (It's been two years already...or is it three?) and decided that I'll use it the way I'd like to. Once the plumbing has been fixed I may get a boarder, for the spare room. Something to help pay for the place, and take a bit of pressure off M&P. Ultimately I suppose it helps me get a house away from town, as there will be more cash in the long run for all of us. That may sound a little grasping to those not familiar with my situation...but accepting that it's very difficult for me to work like a 'normal' person, i've also had to accept that to ever be able to own my own home I have to accept help from my family. In return I have to do what I can to help them There are plenty of communities that work in this manner to house families, so perhaps it's not such a weird arrangement since it's kept within the family.

Well it's 2.30am and i'm about ready to have tea...such as my internal clock has been working it seems perfectly normal for me to eat at this time now. lol i'd die from famine related diseases if I worked to Oprah's "Never eat after 7pm" rule...well perhaps not die, since I have my first meal in the early afternoon, and certainly people survive on less. Although perhaps my body is storing everything I eat for leaner times, lol.

So long and thanks for all the fish, as the dophins say in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Cheers Kate

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