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Psycho Kate...

Psycho Kate...

Thursday, 9. August 2007, 04:08:22
Ok, tonight's topic is not nice.

Have you ever really wished someone was dead? I mean to the point of thinking of risking going to gaol, just so that you could kill someone?

I have. It's not something that i'm proud fact it makes me feel sick just thinking about feeling that way.

How do you get past the anger that makes you litterally psycho?

It's been at least five years since the events that made me feel that way...and i still wish a horrible death to the person (just not via my own hand).

It's probably not a very sensible topic to post about online...I mean who might end up reading this blog?

LOL, knowing my luck, i'll probably attract someone who want's to fulfil my wishes.

Either that, or the love of my life will read this and run screaming from my life, before I even get the chance to say hello.

As Ned Kelly said "Such is Life." Those were actually his last words before he was hanged by the neck until dead. He was a bush ranger, but i'd have prefered he spend the rest of his life in gaol, rather than hang.

I guess i'm a little odd. I'd rather maim or castrate vicious killers, than actually kill them out right. I think things should be killed only for food, or to spare them pain from illness...animals and people alike. So I guess it's really odd that i'd want to kill someone I knew, just because they hurt me terribly.

Anyway, I just thought i'd get that off my chest tonight.
I'm probably just heading down into a depression, thus all my thoughts are getting a little maudlin.

Oh and on yesterdays topic, I also think Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Depp and Jude Law are hot Heros.

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