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If I could find a perfect man...

If I could find a perfect man...

Friday, 10. August 2007, 03:04:15
I'd probably be far too shy to say hello.

Isn't it funny how when someone asks you what you look for in a partner you automatically start describing their personal appearance. I wonder if vision impared people do that, or if they launch into how the person sounds?

I wonder if we do that because we asssume that people know that we are looking for a partner with similar moral values? Or perhaps we don't answer with the nitty gritty answers, as it would give the questioner an insight into how we see ourselves? I wonder if we're instictively protective of not giving away how we really feel, incase there is an 'enemy' lurking out there to get us.

Hey, that just reminded me about what i was rabbiting on about the other day. When I was talking about Suzi from Torchwood, saying there is something lurking in the dark. Maybe they've tapped into our deepest darkest fears...that something is waiting for us in the dark and unknown...and seriously what could be more unknown that what actually happens to us after death?

And now back to my Vulcan logic mode...surely 'in this day and age' we must realise that there isn't really anything that scary in our world? There are horrible diseases, huge amounts of pain, and vile humans to put up with in any life...but nothing scary that doesn't have an answer of sorts. LOL, not that the early humans didn't have's just that we've got more of an idea than just a fear to back up our stories now.

Ok, so i've rambled off topic again...perfect partners was what i was discussing.
So do I lay myself bare before you and tell you what I look for? lol, you already have an idea if you've read my hero post. Although I wouldn't necessarialy call myself a hero, i suppose i must have the odd inspiring moment in me.

I'm kind and caring.
I notice some of the smaller things that go on in friends lives.
I'm helpful.
I'm funny in an odd sort of way. Which is something I always feel weird admitting.
I like to listen and think.
I like to be the grease on bigger wheels.
I like to think of myself as a global citizen, rather than just a local one.
I like to think that I am environmentally aware, even if I don't always make the right choices...that is; i'm not that great at saving electricity, or driving when i could walk.
I'm mostly responsible for myself, and strive to become self-sufficient.
I trust and love easily.
I like to question the way I interact with the world, and become more self aware.
I like to learn.
I like to travel (which is really just another facet of me learning).
I like to see and imagine.
I like to laugh and play.
I like to try new things...although climbing and throwing myself off/out of things isn't really my cup of tea.
I like to create, and make simple things.
I like to get back to basics, light a fire and cook a meal.
I like getting wet in the rain.
I like sunshine but not too much heat.
I like to listen with my heart and feel the world smiling.
I like being weird, just for the fun of it.
I like to immerse myself in other worlds.
I like to be chaotic in an organised way.
I like to share the things i enjoy with friends and family, but also like time on my own to enjoy stuff.

*smile* so those are all things I look for in a perfect partner...along with a little more practicality than I have

Looks: hmmm, I know I don't fall into all of these categories myself...but mostly I wished that i did

Medium to dark hair that can fall across the face, but is mostly pushed back casually. On a guy i prefer short back and sides, with quirky sideburns. Girls with enough body in thier hair that they can push it up off thier face too...and not super long!
A figure with some meat on the bones, strong and capable, but soft enough to cuddle up to.
At least 5'6" in height...but short enough that they can fit in a hatchback car (without having to remove the front seats).
Green or brown eyes.
Reasonable teeth, and ears that don't stick right out.

I wonder if i'm being too picky right about now...but i'll soldier on as i'm talking about a perfect person for me.

I'm quite happy to have tattoo's, peircings, and long as their aren't too many of any one sort. I think they are as important as they way a person choses to dress...quirky is good, boring isn't so good, extreem is just plain icky to me. Scars with good reasons are fine...but getting them whilst driving drunk is not.

Oh and I want my perfect partner to show respect for everyone around them...locally and globally, family and strangers.

So that about wraps it up...have I been too picky?
Is anyone else any less picky?
Is everyone as honest as that when they think about a perfect partner?

I think that what I look for in a perfect partner, isn't a bad reflection of myself. I suppose i'd actually be quite proud if this was how other people saw me. But i'm not so self assured that i'd actually ask a friend if that matched the real me

Anyhow, that's my rabbiting for this evening.
How do you see your perfect partner?


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