Saturday, July 31, 2010

A New Look...


What do you think of my new look? William Morris is out and Original Kate is in. Well, when I say original, I mean stock photo's edited together and then filtered so that they no longer resemble the originals.

And here is another prepared just for The copperplate is by a little old guy who used to wander the streets of Sydney writing inspirational messages in chalk, and eternity was his favourite word there fore he became known as the Eternity Man. And the Chook is digitally altered to remind everyone of me! How egotistical is that??? Yes, I am the Eternity Chook. Long after the current generations are dead, the memory of the Eternity Chook shall live on in the annals of the Internet. Does the Internet even have annals? I suppose it must, like when we moved from dial up speeds to cable and ADSL, and the introduction of the social pages of facebook or blogger et al. On line email, and mass storage out in the ether, must surely qualify too. Oh and let's not forget the introduction of live porn streaming direct to your homes.

Hmm, isn't the internet just nifty?

So on a side note I had my hair died a purpley blue today...and the shower definitely needs a better scrub. Don't you hate it when you rinse the dye from your hair and it sticks to the 'invisible' soap scum in the shower? On the plus side it does mean that I can actually see what needs scrubbing. 

I've also been getting back into playing D&D, it's fun but seems to take up a large amount of time since I'm DMing for the first time ever. Between that, the garden and my trip to Queensland, I haven't been blogging very much. So sorry :)

Well I'm off to bed now, stuff to do tomorrow.
Cheers Big Ears :)
P.S. I'm not really saying you've got big ears (I mean that would hardly be fair of me since I haven't actually seen your ears), but rather wishing you a cheery greeting from all your friends in Toyland and of course Noddy! Toodles! 

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