Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two things to get a giggle from...

Hi :)
The first is this great I'd forgotten that half of these characters even existed. I wonder what Freddie Mercury thought of this version ;)

The second is an incident that happened today.
After a great day out and about with friends I remembered that I was supposed to meet someone at my parents house at at 4.40pm I decided to do a slow drive by to see if they were home yet, and thereby relieving my guilt about having forgotten all about everything. Turns out my parents were home, and I was just in time to see the last one climbing the stairs after returning from thier trip to Melbourne. Rather than stop doing a suspicious crawl past their house in my car and go in and appologise for being an air head, Kelly and I waved madly and sped off.

I can only imagine what my father must have thought: a) Why is that car crawling past my house? b) that is Kate's car. b) people are waving at me? and finally c) why didn't they come in and say hello instead of being nutters?
Not to worry though he's probably so worn out by his adventure with the kids in Melbourne that he's forgotten all about his odd daughter :)

Cheers Big Ears!

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