Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year...

I just found this wonderful quote on another blog:
As you walk into this new year, may your lives be enchanting and healthy. May you slay every dragon and make it home in time for tea. ~

Now isn't that the best wish for the New Year? It allows you to fill your lives with wonder and awe, achieve the impossible and still make it home for tea. lol, it makes me yearn for a kitchen with a scrubbed pine table, a wood stove, some short bread and a pot of that I can stagger in wiping the muck off my hands, with my armour clanking, and tumble into my accustomed  chair, knowing the days work of dragon slaying is done. Perfectly wonderful!

Of course I only ever stumble into Nonna's kitchen out at the Pines when I think of things like this. Back in the days of being perfectly loved and supported, and knowing that I could achieve anything I wanted. Without a care or worry in the world...things were just as they appeared, and there was an answer for every question. 

LOL, not that i'm not loved and supported now, it's just that there are things that are broken that can not be fixed, questions that can't be answered, and dragons seem an easy problem to tackle. 

I wish for you that every good dream becomes a reality, that you are happy, healthy and loved. Have a lovely 2010.
Cheers Kate 

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