Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm back...
Well, I didn't think it would go well...and it was what I expected. Torchwood exposed the badies, and the governments claimed they were acting for the good of the people. Rather than shutting down the projects and claiming plausible deniability, they've kept them open for the disposal of 'excess' human life.

I suppose that my reaction is worse because I've spent the evening whilst waiting to see the episode by browsing  photos of death and destruction...the bulk of which has been archived in reference to various wars around the world. (I must explain that I got onto the topic quite by accident as I followed a photographic link to prints from the 'Danse Macabre', which was one of my essay topics while I was at Uni. There were many prints made during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, in response to the deaths that occurred after the plagues in Europe. They depicted the dance that every man from every walk of life must take with Death as you're carried off to the afterlife. {I actually built a couch, with a colonnade which I was going to paint with facsimiles of these charming prints...thus I still collect images off the net occasionally, rather than sketch directly from the aged books.}) Anyhow, in my browsing the least unsettling images I found were the peaceful images of cemeteries...Places where individual headstones had been laid by grieving loved ones.  Personally I find the mass headstones that are all identical, as offensive as waste of human life that caused them. To me they scream that there was no-one left to grieve, or that there wasn't enough of a recognisable body left for someone to claim. I feel sick to my soul about it.

On a side note, I feel sick that another generation is being taught that it's acceptable to fight rather than to lead by example. If ever I find that Raph or Mill, intend to join the armed forced I am going to sit them down and make them watch every one of the photos I downloaded...and ask them what if the people lying dead, and broken were people they loved...and if they were willing to cause another family the pain and anguish of having to find members of their family in shattered pieces. I want to point out to them that no matter what side you are on, what you're doing is wrong! Certainly some may say that if the allies hadn't gone to war with the axis in the second world war, that the atrocities would have been far worse...but if everyone had been living with respect for each other's lives in the first place then things wouldn't have gone so far as voting the Nazi's et al into power, and our own governments would have exerted pressure in time to reinforce the benefits of tolerance. *Deep Sigh*


I can't write any more tonight, it wears me out contemplating how simple it should be, and yet how hard we seem to struggle achieving it.

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