Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silly things we do...

Ugh, have you ever felt a headache that starts in your shoulders and rolls over like a wave that is crashing, that ends by smashing your nose into the rocks on the sea floor? Right now my eyes feel as if they are being buffeted by the rolling turbulence of the water frothing upon itself, my nose feels bloodied and crushed, my shoulders and brain feel like they've been ripped from my body and stuck in a spin cycle of a front loading washer.

All this because I forgot to pick up a script for one of my medications. Day one I feel nauseous and head-achy which can be combated by food and sufficent hydration. Day two results in the above, plus the only possible escape from those symptoms is to sleep...but a sleep you can't wake up from, and no amount of trying to lift your eyelids or calling out for help in a feeble yet terrified sleepy mumble brings anyone to your aid. I felt like I called out for a good hour or so, hoping that someone would come to my rescue and pick up my drugs for me...all I needed was a single capsule to help bring me back around to a normal state of being able to open my eyes and move from room to room. Eventually I was able to rouse myself enough to reach a phone and call for help. It still took me another few hours of sleep after I took the capsule, to be able to get out of bed (till 9.30pm) I am just dealing with the physical pain.

All this because I forgot to pick up my medication two days in a row. Scary stuff really. I know it says on all the information on the boxes "DO NOT STOP TAKING THIS MEDICATION", but sometimes life just happens and the result is that you have to find a way to cope until you can take the medication again. 

Even with life's ups and downs, my life is pretty good. Although it would be better if I didn't do silly things like forget to pick up my medication :)

Cheers Kate 

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